Native Nets began when a brand name net could not take the abuse a net has to endure during it’s lifetime (maybe a long lifetime packed into a  short one) and broke at a time when money was a little tight. Having extensive knowledge in carpentry we thought we might be able to make our own. It took a whole lot of research and talking to people about their past net experiences to come up with a design that suits multiple needs at once like guiding, wading or on the boat.

Crafting them was another story. There were steps involved neither of us had done before throughout our extensive carpentry backgrounds, and had to learn along the way.  We made many adjustments as we slowly figured the craft, tested all of our nets as we experimented, and landed a lot of fish along the way.  

Most of us fish everyday whether it’s guiding or out for the day (or week) so our nets have been put through the tests. Every Native Net is handmade by a proud Colorado native in Evergreen Colorado, using a wide variety of quality hardwoods.

Woods we commonly use include different types of Walnut, Mahogany, Maple, Hickory, Ash, Cherry and Basswood. Sapelle, Santos, Genuine and African Mahogany, PurpleHeart, Jatoba, Paduak and Tigers Eye are a few of the exotic types of hardwood we commonly use in the construction of our nets.

Native Nets will totally customize nets, from hand selected wood to personal branded or hand done logos, recessed stones and so on. On all sizes of nets there are two options. A light or dark colored wood for the handle and one of two shapes, a more round or more elongated shaped basket. Of course you can contact us and get more info to put together your own custom.

All of our nets come with a full life time warranty. Rubber net bags cannot be warrantied, however we carry a full line of replacements at great prices.